CSSED python scripting

User's Guide

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Loading the plugin
4. Executing one script
5. The scripts menu
6. Coding scripts
7. Security
8. FAQ
9. Document Information
User's Guide

1. Introduction

CSSED python scripting is driven through the cssed's python plugin. You need this plugin loaded to be able to execute python scripts onto cssed.

CSSED python scripting does not provides extensions to python itself, but an embedded interpreter onto cssed that can interact with the application. This means you cannot run cssed python scripts as independent ones, as well as you may need to modify existing script to make them run with CSSED.

Using python scripting does facilitate the extension of CSSED to add personalized features that are not provided with the main branch.

This document is the user's guide and you don't need any knowledge of python, nor of programming, to understand it. It will not provide information on programming with cssed and python, but instructions on how to use already built scripts, and a brief description of some of the scripts provided by us, as test cases.

If you'd like to learn to code python scripts to be used with cssed, we provide a separate "Developer's Guide" for this purpose.