5. The scripts menu

On the later chapter we saw how to execute one script, but when you want to execute one script more than one time it's much better to store it in a location where CSSED could find it each time the python plugin is loaded, to add it to the plugins' menu.

CSSED will search for your scripts on the directory $HOME/.cssed/pythonscripts, so if you use regularly one script you should store it there. On linux/unix systems, if the script have the executable bit set - with the chmod command or from the file-browser plugin with the "Change permissions" menu - it will be added to the scripts menu. On Windows systems, all *.py files will be added to the menu, so if you want to hide one file byte-compile it and delete the source file. Byte-compiled python files won't be shown in the menu.

Note: To compile python source you can import it from other python script - as it's automatically compiled - or use the py_compile module. As example to compile an script called test.py in the current directory, you may use:

				import py_compile
This will produce the bycode file test.pyc.

You can pack your scripts in groups by grouping them into directories, each directory will be a sub-menu on the scripts menu.