8. FAQ

Is safe to run scripts on cssed ? Does they run "sandboxed"

No, it's not. They don't run in a sandbox at all.

Can I run my python scripts in cssed un-touched ?

No, you must at least delete all references to sys.exit() and/or gtk.main_quit() as both shuts down cssed. You show code cssed scripts as if you were coding modules that show run on an existing python program.

Why sys.exit() closes cssed ? It's a really ugly bug.

sys.exit() uses the system call exit() that causes normal program termination. It's not something related to cssed. I can overload it but I'm not willing to do it. If you know what you're doing, it will be quite easy for you to overload the funcion yourself, with a couple of python lines. You can add those python lines to your __pycssedinit__.py file in cssed's python directory - by default $HOME/.cssed/pythonscripts.

Is it a python CSS parsing library then ?

No, it's not.

Can I run graphical python scripts on it ?

Yes you can run PyGTK scripts, if you've got PyGTK installed on your system. Other graphical toolkits called from python may work, but are not supported.

As cssed is GPL, should my script be GPL ?

No you're free to license your scripts at your own pace.

I made some scripts and I'd like to convert them to plugins in C, Does it helps to have the script to create the plugin ?

Yes and No. It does not help you to code C, you'll need to make the script in C from scratch, but it will help you to know cssed's plugin API as the functions are almost the same.

Bad language selection, Have you something against (put here your preferred scripting language) ?

Not at all, I'd like to support any scripting language. If you can send me a plugin I'll be happy to add it upstream.

I did a really useful script, May I send it to you ?

Yes, please.

I think the idea is good but it's bad implemented, Can I participate in the development ?

Yes, simply join the cssed-devel mailing list and share your thoughts there.