CSSED - "A GTK-2 CSS Editor"


Here you'll find some extra applications, or resources that will help you with cssed, or with your CSS development.

defcheck - check you manually tweaked cssed definition files

defcheck is a python script that will parse and look for errors in your cssed definition XML file. It's usefull if you tweaked your definition file by hand, and needs to validate it.

It needs libxml2 and python in your system to run.

Download: def-check.tar.bz2
[file size 5 Kb]

GUI definition file editor

cssed-def is a pygtk 2.0 script that will let you edit your XML definition file with no need to know XML, and with a nice GTK2 GUI.

It needs libxml2 and pygtk in your system to run.

Download: cssed-def.tar.bz2
[file size 8 Kb]

emacs launcher

cssed.el is a small lisp script to launch cssed from emacs. You can launch the current file you're editing, or let emacs to prompt for a filename.

Once loaded into emacs, It will provide the commands:

Download: cssed-el.tar.bz2
[file size 0 Kb]