Chapter 5. Accelerator keys

Under this generic name, we will present you the various ways to perform quickly a given action in the current version of cssed.

There are editor window accelerator keys (EWA keys) and menu accelerator keys (MA keys), as well as icons accessibles from the tool bars and some generic combination of keys. The later are listed at the bottom of the table.


Note that the menu accelerator keys described below match only the English version.


Mac OS X users could not use the menu accelerator keys.

Table 5-1. Shortcuts

ActionEWA keysMA keysIcons
Open the File menu Alt-F 
Create a new fileCtrl-NAlt-F-N
Open a fileCtrl-OAlt-F-O
Close the current fileCtrl-WAlt-F-C
Close all files   
Revert to the last saved state Alt-F-R
Save the current fileCtrl- SAlt-F-S
Save the current file as Alt-F-A
Save all files   
Quit cssedCtrl-QAlt-F-Q 
Open the Edit menu Alt-E 
Undo the last actionCtrl-ZAlt-E-U
Redo the last undone action Alt-E-R
Cut the selectionCtrl-XAlt-E-t
Copy the selectionCtrl-CAlt-E-C
Paste the selectionCtrl-VAlt-E-P
Delete the selectionBackspace/supprAlt-E-D 
Find and replaceCtrl-RAlt-E-R
Preferences Alt-E-P
Open View menu Alt-V 
Open Toolbar submenu Alt-V-T 
Open Document list submenu Alt-V-l 
Create a document list from opened documents Alt-V-l-O 
Open a document list Alt-V-l-f 
Create an empty document list Alt-V-l-B 
Zoom in the current document Alt-V-I 
Zoom out the current document Alt-V-O 
Normal size on the current document Alt-V-N 
Open the Document menu Alt-D 
Show/hide line numbers Alt-D-n 
Show/hide line endings Alt-D-e 
Show/hide white spaces Alt-D-s 
Wrap/unwrap lines Alt-D-w 
Enable/disable auto completion Alt-D- a 
Enable/disable folding Alt-D-f 
Open the set EOL mode submenu Alt-D-m 
Set Mac EOL mode Alt-D-m-R 
Set Unix EOL mode Alt-D-m-F 
Set DOS EOL mode Alt-D-m-C 
Open the Convert EOLs submenu Alt-D-m-O 
Convert to Mac EOL mode Alt-D-m-O-R 
Convert to Unix EOL mode Alt-D-m-O-F 
Convert to DOS EOL mode Alt-D-m-O-C 
Open the Folding submenu Alt-D-d 
Fold all properties Alt-D-d-F 
Unfold all properties Alt-D-d-U 
Open the Highlighting submenu Alt-D-H 
Highlight plain text Alt-D-H-P 
Highlight CSS Alt-D-H-C 
Highlight HTML/PHP Alt-D-H-H 
Highlight shell scripts Alt-D-H-S 
Highlight C/C++ Alt-D-H-P 
Highlight Apache configuration files Alt-D-H-A 
Highlight PERL scripts Alt-D-H-L 
Highlight Python scripts Alt-D-H-y 
Highlight XML Alt-D-H-X 
Highlight diff/patch Alt-D-H-D 
Highlight Makefile Alt-D-H-M 
Change the font of the current document Alt-D-C 
Open the CSS menu Alt-C 
Open the Tools men Alt-T 
Scan the current selector Alt-T-S
Give information about the document Alt-T-D
Show auto completion Alt-T- a / Alt-A 
Clean the program output Alt-T-C
Validate and dump the current document Alt-T-V
Validate the current document Alt-T-o
Open the Panels menu Alt-P 
Show the footer panel Alt-P-f
Hide the footer panel Alt-P-p
Show the side panel Alt-P-S
Hide the side panel Alt-P-H
Show the Help menu Alt-H 
Show the About box Alt-H-A 
Delete the current lineCtrl-L  
Duplicate the current lineCtrl-D  
Select all textCtrl-A  
Select the current line Alt-I