Building cssed from source

To install cssed from source:

  1. Download the tarball package (named cssed-VERSION-BUILD.tar.gz).

  2. Uncompress it with the command:

    tar xfz cssed-VERSION-BUILD.tar.gz

  3. Once this has been done, you must move to the created directory.

  4. To install cssed type ./configure, make and make install to install the standard version of cssed on your system.

Configure options

Here are the non standard configure options:

--with-terminal : Adds an ( experimental and unfinished ) terminal window to the footer notebook.

--with-ipc-queue : Adds an ipc queue for open signals (when available on the system).

--with-help-menus : Adds a submenu item to the help menu to access the cssed web site and the online documentation.

--with-debugging-output : This is for testers to put on the standard output lots of debugging information. It decreases speed so it is not recommended if you are not a tester.


Mac OS X users: you are invited to consult the section How to compile myself on the Fink's web site.