Configuring with the dialog

The configuration dialog have three tabs to let you configure cssed.

The document settings tab

Here you can enter the settings that will have any opened document by default. To change a setting, just check or uncheck the desired setting, then validate with the OK button.

Figure 6-1. The Document settings tab

The highlighting tab

This tab let you choose your preferred color scheme for syntax highlighting.

Figure 6-2. The highlighting tab

To change the foreground or background colors of any style, click on the color well at the right side of each token identifier. You can also choose to have the token's face in bold style, checking a box at the row end. Once you have finished, do not forget to validate with the OK button.

The tokens you can choose are:

The font tab

This tab let you choose the editor font family and size

Figure 6-3. The font tab

In this tab the style choice is ignored as it is used for the syntax highlighting. To change the font, just select the font family and the size and click the Apply or OKbuttons.

The current font is indicated on the left side at the bottom of the dialog.