CSSED - "A GTK-2 CSS Editor"

Supported operative systems

We divide the operative systems supported by cssed in three categories:

  1. tested-os: operative systems that we have access to, so we can test cssed with. No release of cssed will be done without testing it in those operative systems. All cssed releases will compile and run in those OSs.
  2. target-os: those OSs are not tested upstream, but all efforts for port, fix or test cssed will be actively supported by the cssed developers.
  3. norelease-os: those are not - and will not be - supported by cssed. All bugs in those platforms will be simply ignored. No effort to port or fix cssed in those operative systems will be supported by the cssed developers (at least by the author).

Operative systems list


  1. FreeBSD (port available from freebsd with pkg_add)
  2. Fedora Core(we release this package)
  3. Mac OsX (port available from fink)


  1. Gentoo (package available with emerge)
  2. Debian (package available with apt)
  3. Slackware
  4. Suse
  5. LFS
  6. OpenBSD(port available from OpenBSD, thanks to Antoine Jacoutot for this port)
  7. PLD (package available from PLD)
  8. Archlinux (package available from archlinux)
  9. Microsoft Windows (we release this package)
  10. If your operative system is not in the norelease list you can safely asume that it's a target OS.


  1. UnixWare
  2. Open UNIX
  3. SCO OpenServer
  4. Open Linux
  5. Caldera
  6. Skunkware
  7. All, future and past, SCO Group related OSs.

Users of any norelease operative systems are encouraged to change to a tested or target operative system to get cssed support.