Deprecated functions

From last version it have been deprecated to use document functions directly.

It was putting a lot of burden in the interface maintenance and it gave problems on windows.

This cssed release has lasted so long because of those problems so it have been decided to extend the interface to cover most ussages of document related functions so they're not used anymore.

The same applies to windows functions. CssedWindow should be taken as an opaque data type as use it just as parameter for some functions - as css dialog functions - that needs them.

To modify or free this pointer can cause malfunctiones on cssed, so it's prone to be deprecated as well.

To ensure code maintenance in your plugins, use only functions in plugin.h. If you miss something just request it on cssed's mailing list, which can be accesed through

Other functions deprecated from the main plugin API - functions contained on plugin.h - can be found here.

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