Files and directories (install and runtime)

You should install your plugins in the directory PREFIX/share/cssed/plugins, being PREFIX the prefix where you installed cssed.

You can use this command to know the cssed's prefix:

which cssed | sed -e "s/\\/bin\\/cssed//"

If your plugin must write to any configuration file, it's hardly recommended to use the .cssed folder in the user's home directory. It created by cssed to store it's configuration files.

If you install a plugin out of the cssed's - system wide - plugin's folder, the plugin will not appear on the cssed's plugins window, so the user could not load or unload.

If you need to load a plugin out of this location - for test purposes, as example - you can write the full path to the plugin, in the $HOME/.cssed/cssed-cfg.xml file's <plugins>section.

		<plugin file="/home/user/test/" />

There will not be any reference to this puglin in the plugin's window, and you only can unload it closing cssed and deleting the plugin's reference in the configuration file,

This will change in future implementations.

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This documentation is © Iago Rubio Sanfiz, 2004