_CssDialogClass Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file cssdialogs-class.h.

Data Fields

gchar * keyword
 The keyword.
GtkWidget *(* create_function )(CssedWindow *, gchar *, gboolean, gboolean)
 The dialog creation function.
gchar *(* get_string_function )(CssedWindow *, gpointer)
 The dialog get_string function.

Field Documentation

GtkWidget*(* _CssDialogClass::create_function)(CssedWindow *, gchar *, gboolean, gboolean)

The dialog creation function.

It must return a dialog widget to be shown on screen

gchar*(* _CssDialogClass::get_string_function)(CssedWindow *, gpointer)

The dialog get_string function.

All those dialog only does one thing, to build a string to be added to the document, this function must return this string when the dialog is closed using the OK button. The string will be freed with g_free, so it must be allocated

gchar* _CssDialogClass::keyword

The keyword.

This will be freed with g_free so you must allocate it ( you can use g_strdup for this )

Definition at line 44 of file cssdialogs-class.h.

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