CSSED - "A GTK-2 CSS Editor"


Cssed can be extended with plugins. A plugins is a loadable piece of software - a dll in windowsland, or a bundle in MacOsX - that adds functionality to an existing program.

It's benefits are extensibility and modularity, but from a user prespective, it's main benefit is the capability to choose what extensions you want in your application. If you'd like functionality X, just pick and install the X plugin.

If you want to build your own plugin, please read the plugin's documentation.

To install your own plugin, follow the instructions in "documentation on files" in the plugin's documentation.

This API is a draft and it's sure it'll change soon. Only use it if you'd like to participate in cssed's development, or you'll feel comfortable changing your plugin's code on next cssed's release.

Right now we support the following plugins

In addition to the ctags plugin, we've also modified ctags to support CSS. The Windows installer ships the modified ctags. To acomplish with the GPL here you can pick the modified sources.

You can get those plugins from the project's download page