CSSED - "A GTK-2 CSS Editor"

Screen shots

Minimal cssed

Here you've got how the minimal cssed, looks.

As you can see all panels and toolbars can be hidden if you'd like a simple interface.


Autocompletion is the quickest way to insert CSS properties and values. Just click Ctr + A, and start typing and you'll see a list of possible values in the autocompletion list. You can insert a value with a click on it, or using the enter key

Working with the treeview

The tree view is useful to quick search trough properties and it's possible values. Here you can see the tree view maximized.


To make the document easier to browse you can contract all declarations to make them fit in a smaller view area. Here you've got 701 lines contracted in 30 lines.

Not only CSS

Right now cssed have some support for other programming languages. This way you can use cssed to view other sources while while working with your style-sheets.

Right now there's support to highlight the following languages: CSS, HTML, PHP, ASP, Apache configuration files, .htaccess, SH, C, CPP, Perl, Python, XML, Diff (patch files) and Makefiles.

Scratch pad

Here you can see the cssed state after using the scratch pad as a dragable clipboard. Just drag any text to the scratch pad, switch to other document and drag it into the document. The static pad is visible in the lower right of cssed.

The main difference between those buffers is the static pad's text is saved between sessions - to be used for notes - and the scratch pad's text is discarded - to be used as a secondary clipboard and drag target.

Selector scanner

Here is show cssed working with the selector scanner. Simply put the cursor into a selector and use the menu /Utils/Selector scanner. Then you will be able to edit the selector's CSS values from the list.


Here we can see the validator output - libcroco based - when just validating a document.

The validator check the document's CSS syntax - Level 1 - and warns you about syntax errors in your CSS.

International input

Finally we added international input support - for Asian languages - into cssed.

Here you can get a pic of cssed's working with Canna server and kinput2 to write Japanese text.

Working with cssed

As we started with the minimal cssed, we'll end with my cssed's configuration. It's the cssed I use to see - theme apart - and have some plugins loaded.