CSSED - "A GTK-2 CSS Editor"

Development Project

cssed is an Open Source development project, it means you can participate in the development of this tool, get the source, change it, and merge your changes with the main distribution.

Development state

CSSED is right now in a Production/Stable branch so you can use it for your daily work.

Most planed features are working now as the CSS validator (libcroco based) and the quick CSS selector change ( a list that let you change easy and quick any scanned selector properties and values ).

Some distros package cssed now, so it's supossed that they find it useful and/or interesting.

Those distros are:

Helping the project

If you think that things don't go as quick as you needs, your help is welcome.

To help in the project, just request it in the cssed-devel list, or mail me privately (Iago in this page).

You can join the list via the web interface or sending an email to cssed-devel-join@lists.sourceforge.net (the subject, header and body are ignored).

More information about mailman list usage in the mailman web site.

To get help about the list, mail to cssed-devel-request@lists.sourceforge.net with the word help in the body. If your mail server adds a signature to your outgoing mail, write end - in the next line, after help - to avoid failures (if you don't do it, the signature will be parsed as mailman commands).